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We are always happy to meet people who can add value to our clients, people with the right attitude and the will to go beyond their comfort zone to learn.

Work Experience

Everyday something new

Christmas is full of surprises. For the holiday calendar, we created one for every day, with 24 games, videos and interactive thingamajigs and whatchamacallits.

Sayed Hesam Hosseini Yazdi
Founder - CEO
Seyed Hossein Hosseini Yazdi
Chairman and Member of the Board
Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar
Co-founder - Member of the Board
Seyed Mohiyedin Taghdisian
Human Resources Manager
Mohsen Abbas Mirzaei
Event ٍ Planner
S. Ehsan Ale-Agha
Event Planner - Account Manager
Mahdi Narimanian
Event & Project Control Exporter
Hossein Mokarrami
Movie Maker
Mohammad Mahdi Jahangiri Mehr
Motion Graphic Designer
Mohammad Ali Farajvan
Graphic Designer
Mohammad Milad Mehrabi
Construction Manager
Rahim Ojaghloo
Construction Expert
Meysam Kafipour
Construction Expert
Shayan Zardkanloo
Construction Expert
Mahdi Khorsand
Construction Expert
Shadi Faraji
Card Title
Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini
Construction Expert
Mahdi Emrani
Architecture - Interior Designer
Mohammad Adnan Emrani
Architecture - Interior Designer
Amir Hossein Golsorkhi
Architecture - Interior Designer
Maryam Varasteh
Architecture - Interior Designer
Elmira Asghari
Architecture - Interior Designer
Farzaneh Alambeygi
Hesam Zarghalami

ASNA’s Benefits

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
What makes us different is our toolkit and the way we use it.
Since have not limited ourselves to a single media we tend to come up with more creative solutions, rather using a single solution to every problem. Also we like to be hand that our client can rely on, we listen closely to our client and put their needs above all else.

Who we do things:


Coming up with ideas:
Based on the data and the needs we've received, our creative team will come up with different solutions


Designing ideas:
We then design what works best for your needs and some time we do it over and over again till we're satisfied with the creation


Bringing designs into life:
We mix the best ingredients and add a touch of professional experience to bring the design into life


Celebrate a job well done:
After making sure our client has everything he/she needs and happy with the results, we celebrate our partnership together

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We’re a small team but we pack a punch. Most of our team members have 7+ years’ experience specific to planning, designing and building websites. This means we’re specialists and have tons of experience.We’re a small team but we pack a punch. Most of our team members have 7+ years’ experience specific to planning, designing and building websites.e.


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